4i is a Growth and Foresight Analytics Firm committed to helping clients uncover areas of superior future growth and build execution strategies to capture, deliver, and sustain this growth long term. Our Unique Approach using Advanced Proprietary tools offers Proven Results.

  • Unique Approach: Our forward-looking approach helps clients uncover future growth opportunities, size future demand, and develop successful growth strategies to succeed in tomorrow's marketplace.
  • Advanced Proprietary Tools: Our innovative analytics methodologies powered by proprietary predictive foresight analytics drive predictable results.
  • Proven Results: Our foresight analytics have been proven over time to deliver consistently accurate results that help clients realize unparalleled growth opportunities.

4i seamlessly integrates Growth Consulting, Consumer Insights, and Predictive and Optimization Analytics into a unique offering for A New Generation of Analytics.



  • MAY 8, 2015 / Link 
    Colin Hare, Senior Vice President at 4i, will lead the firm's first installment of its “Advanced Analytics” webinar series, focusing on the benefits of growth and foresight analytics. To participate click HERE
  • 4i hosts first webinar of 2015 on April 24th, How to Get More Value from Insights & Analytics
    APR 24, 2015 
    4i hosts first webinar of 2015 on April 24th, How to Get More Value from Insights & Analytics. To participate click HERE
  • 4i launches new Logo & Tagline, "The Science of Growth"
    OCT 8
    This month, we announced our new logo and branding, designed to reinforce our growth-oriented focus and use of foresight analytics to deliver measurable results. 4i’s new tagline is "The science of growth".
  • Predictive Analytics in Health Care: Helping to Navigate Uncertainties & Change
    OCT 8
    This week, 4i Managing Partner, Lana Klein discussed the future of Predictive Analytics in Health Care with Predictive Analytics Times. Lana's article discusses how a recent pitfall in a pharmaceutical companies forecasting process set off alarms with investors and sent shock waves through the industry.
  • Colin Hare Delivers Retailer Insight on Analytics and Strategy
    OCT 8
    Colin Hare, Senior Vice President, Growth Solutions at 4i, recently published his groundbreaking article, "Keys to Successful Manufacturer and Retailer Collaboration," for Shopper Technology Institute.
  • 4i joins forces with the Kellogg School of Management
    OCT 8
    Earlier this year, 4i had the privilege of joining forces with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management on a research project. This project, which was a piece of a broader client engagement, focuses on understanding key demographics and opportunities within certain categories.
  • OCT 1 / Link
    The fall season has arrived, and with it, planning season for Insights & Analytics functions. Questions such as, “what projects should I plan for next year given my budget?’, “how can I get this work done with the reduction in resources?” and “how can I increase my return on Insight & analytic investments?” begin to emerge. In the fourth installment of 4i's "Smarter Insights" webinar series, entitled "How to Get More Value from Insights & Analytics – Optimizing the IA Function," 4i Managing Partner Dr. Eugene Roytburg and 4i Senior Advisor Kelley Peters will address these questions. The webinar will be held on October 1, 2014 from 12:00pm CST. Participate