We brought 4i this year to help us transform our insight function and prepare it to better compete in the market, and be even more actionable within the broader organization. 4i did great job identifying key issues and barriers we have been facing and how to overcome them, brought an outside perspective on how best companies have moved their insight functions to next levels and also helped develop the transformation plan that included new vision/mission, processes, people and capabilities. thanks to their work, we are well under way to increase our overall value to our stakeholders and the company. 4i has been a great partner and we are working closely with them to execute the transformation plan.
VP, Consumer Insight and Strategy, CPG company

4i played a critical role in helping me develop a transformation plan for my insights and analytic group. I was challenged with better embedding insights and analytics into the marketing and customer development organization. What my team was doing historically was no longer enough. 4i, with their strong experience and expertise, helped me better understand our current state and how that was limiting the team's contribution and what the future state needed to be to in order to increase the company's competitiveness and growth. They guided us in developing a very detailed transformation plan based on industry best practices. The focus was on behavior, training and organizational changes. Furthermore, they helped us develop the "selling story" to our management.
VP, Strategic Insight and Analytics, CPG company

The majority of our business is in a declining category. As we looked for opportunities to revitalize our business, 4i identified $20MM in untapped system profitability we could easily generate through price and promotion optimization with just six national key accounts.
SVP of Customer Development – Multinational Beverage Company

We operate in a highly competitive category, where all growth comes from a few key retailers/channels. 4i helped us optimize our assortment, price, and promotion mix in these accounts, so that millions of additional revenues were generated for both us and our retailer partners.

VP of Channel Marketing – Global Food Company

4i played an instrumental role in helping us design our trade strategy and implementation plan. Utilizing their approach, we were able to determine what our optimal trade rates should be by retail partner so that everyone benefits…from us, all the way down to the consumer.
VP of Trade Finance – Global Snack Food Company

Overall, I was very impressed with the process and more importantly the outcome … I really do recommend this, and think it has tons of value and certainly would not want to see my competitors going through this process!
Marketing Director, CPG

It was amazing! We haven't stopped talking about it. We are so excited about how 4i can help us further, this is sooo good… Honestly, today was one of the most enlightening afternoon's I've had in ages. My team was glowing, still are… We all feel liberated, renewed, and empowered. We are most anxious now to get your tricks of the trade on how to start being a consultant.
VP of Insights, CPG

Your and your team have the great potential to become an indispensable partner to companies where the analytics is leveraged in close working relationship with the business leadership team, to create corporate, divisional, and brand-specific strategies and plans to meet the business objectives.
VP, Strategic Growth, CPG

When we started this project, I was unsure of where we would end up. 4i took something very abstract and really made something out of it. I realized that much of what was done here 4i created based on thinking about how best pieces should come together—it is a rare gift to do this well—and 4i does it very well. I also appreciate how 4i continued to work with me on this even though by most expectations your project timeline should have been over with—and for this, I particularly thank you.

Our Leadership team is very excited with moving forward on our plans to Level 2. The work 4i did helped us clearly identify our weak points as perceived by our clients. While we recognized we certainly had room to improve, 4i's succinct points made it easier to swallow that pill without it tasting so bad. By delivering the plan forward in such detail we were able to rally the Leadership team to a unified vision, and step by step pathways to get there.

I look forward to working with you in delivering to the plan as well as other future projects.

Thank you for helping me layout a plan to success!

VP of Global Marketing and Insights, Pharma client

In putting together our five year strategic plan, we considered 15 growth opportunities. 4i Inc. focused us in on the four to five very best and it had a positive effect on our business. I highly recommend you check our 4i.
Steven Adolph, Former VP Marketing, Cott Beverages

I’ve been a consumer insights professional in CPG and retail for the last 20 years at Fortune 500 companies. 4i helped me develop an innovations strategy for a major snacks company. It delivered a comprehensive framework that informed where to focus with prescriptive direction that greatly improved our business plan and successful new product launches. I highly recommend 4i to help you grow your business.
Eric Taylor, 20-Year Consumer Insights Veteran