Our Guiding Principles

4i brings a global perspective and a combined 125 years of executive-level experience to Growth and Foresight Analytics. To best serve our clients, our company is guided by three principles. 4i believes that:

Growth is Largely Predictable

  • Growth is governed by fundamental laws and drivers that must be recognized, learned, and utilized. Understanding how these fundamentals work and how they affect growth, then knowing how to apply this insight will help to achieve predictable, optimized, and sustainable results.

Past Performance is a Poor Predictor of Future Performance

  • Past market, company or product performances alone are not good predictors of the future. You need to examine what factors drove historic results and identify how these factors will behave going forward.

Foresight Requires Both Logic and Math

  • Logic helps to understand drivers, factors, and fundamental laws.
  • Math works to validate, measure, and model these logical connections to quantify future growth.