What We Do

4i offers a customized approach to finding, building, tracking, and optimizing growth to help you exceed your goals.
What We Do

We focus on future growth.
Our distinctive foresight-driven approach empowers clients to seize future growth opportunities and develop optimum growth strategies to win in tomorrow's marketplace. We build and execute strategies to capture opportunities and offer solutions for growth tracking and sustainability.

We apply comprehensive industry and marketplace knowledge.
We understand that growth is not one-dimensional and comes from a wide range of key sources, including market, category, consumer segment, need state, occasion, channel, and trend. We assess future growth potentials by understanding the connections among these sources to help you see the current and future impact on your business.

We offer innovative, predictive analytics.
Powered by our proprietary advanced analytics, our predictive foresight and pptimization solutions drive REAL results. Our innovative analytical approaches accurately predict not only changes in consumer needs and behaviors, but also reactions from consumers, thus providing more actionable assessments of all potential growth opportunities.

We Embrace a Holistic Approach.
Unlike other firms that focus on either management consulting or analytics, 4i offers a proprietary combination of both. We view the world through a holistic lens, combining advanced proprietary analytics and business knowledge to give our clients actionable data: driven insights and optimized solutions.

We Address the Entire Growth Process.
Our goal is to provide your business with actionable and tangible results and to maximize growth throughout your business' ever-changing lifecycle: from identification to deployment, and through to realization and value creation.