Who We Are

4i brings a multinational experience and a multidimensional approach to our creation of a new generation of analytics. 4i's innovative foresight analytics blends four distinct disciplines to provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Growth Consulting
4i helps clients understand the specific aspects and drivers of growth on all levels, such as consumer needs and segments, retail channels and the product attributes that will drive growth. Markets, economies, consumer demand, needs, and behaviors are changing more rapidly than ever and we provide the solutions to guide you towards that growth.

Consumer Insights
4i pinpoints specific attributes that influence consumers to drive growth as well as when they will grow for a particular category. We provide insights that show you which products or services to offer and which demographics you should target.

Predictive and Optimization Analytics
Information is growing exponentially, your data is exploding in size, and you feel as if you are searching for a needle in haystack. 4i's Predictive Analytics will guide you with productive insights and optimized execution.

Industry and Marketing Knowledge
We organize all of your data to create actionable and pragmatic recommendations that show you a picture of your company’s future. We help you better predict and control your financial performance and streamline the decision-making process for fast, yet prudent decisions.