Foresight & Forecasting

Foresight and Forecasting Analytics is our central analytical platform, underpinning most 4i solutions. We offer a broad range of forecasting and foresight analytics addressing an entire spectrum of client issues from strategic growth to new product launches and capacity planning.

Foresight and Forecasting Solutions help across many organizational functions and business issues.

Foresight and Forecasting

Long Range Foresight (3-10 years) helps functions such as corporate strategy, market and brand strategy, and consumer strategy to assess growth potential and make strategic decisions

Mid Range Forecast (12-24 months) – needed for sales and operational Planning, brand marketing, trade and pricing decisions, as well as financial planning

New Product Forecast – helps brand marketing and Innovation to assess future product potential in Year 1 and Year 2

Short Term Forecast (3 to 12 months) – integral to demand and capacity planning, supply chain management

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