Growth Solutions


Predictive Channels™

  • Where will consumers shop in the future? What will be the consumers' future channel mix?
  • How and where will consumer consume the media and what is optimal mix?

Predictive Consumer™

  • What is the most optimum consumer growth segment in which the client should invest?


Predictive Product Launch™

  • What is the market potential of your new product? What is the optimal combination of product attributes?   
  • What is the optimal marketing support and price?


  • What marketing strategy do you need to best support your growth objective?
  • What Marketing and Media vehicles will be most effective going forward? How much should you focus on traditional vs. new (digital, online, or experiential) media?


Sales Channel Optimizer™

  • Utilizes predictive and optimization methodologies to provide an optimum combination of product, price and promotions to maximize total sales, profitability and ROI
  • Addresses demand forecast, replenishment optimization and simulation capabilities to maximize promotional sales opportunities

Shopper & Retail Optimizer™

  • Shopper and Retailer Optimizer helps clients predict future shopper behaviors and optimize their impact on retailer's growth opportunities


  • Growth Tracker™
  • 4Sight Growth Management System™
  • 4Sight Knowledge Management™
  • Predictive Insight & Foresight Process™