Marketing & Media Optimizer™

Marketing & Media Optimizer™ Helps optimally position your brands for future growth.

Key questions

  • What return am I getting on marketing investment? How should I allocate my marketing dollars for maximum revenue and profit growth?
  • How do I maximize impact of my marketing dollars?
  • How do I allocate my marketing spend to different brands in my portfolio? How much of my spend should be focused on building brand equity vs. driving immediate sales? What are the optimal levels of spend per brand?
  • What is the optimum budget allocation among different types of marketing activities – traditional media (TV, print), new media (digital), sponsorship, experiential and in-store marketing?
  • What is the optimum budget allocation among different channels and day parts?

What is it?

  • Marketing Foresight framework helps to drive growth by maximizing impact of your marketing dollars
  • Portfolio Allocation; allocating spend between brands to support brands with higher growth potential
  • Media Type Optimization; optimizing spend allocation among different marketing vehicles, such as TV, online, in-store, etc.
  • Day part and Programming Optimization; improving marketing execution by optimizing programming, selection of channels, day part, spot lengths and frequency

What are benefits?

  • Increase ROI on your marketing dollars
  • Align execution and spend with your brand goals and growth potential
  • Minimize or eliminate revenue losses if you need to cut your marketing spend; we have been able to save clients on average 12% marketing spend without volume reduction