Needs4Sight™ Helps identify, size up and forecast growth of existing need states, as well as identify new need states for future growth.

Key questions

  • What are key need states we should focus on? Which ones are most attractive for growth and innovation?
  • How will need states change in the future? Which ones will provide the highest opportunities for growth?
  • What could be the new need states to focus on? When will they emerge and how should companies manage them?

What is it?

  • Needs4SightTM is a robust analytical process to identify and quantify need states and predict their growth and impact on consumer, category and business
  • Fact-based, data driven mechanism to size and forecast need states and bring an "outside-in view" to the business to identify white space and innovation

What are the benefits?

  • Helps to identify and inform current and emerging consumer needs  
  • Serves as an "anchor" for future growth opportunities, focusing on and uncovering new growth opportunities
  • Guides marketers on where to focus their marketing and innovation efforts