Price & Promotion Optimizer™

Price & Promotion Optimizer™ Helps optimally position your brand for future growth.

Key questions

  • What should my price strategy be given strategic goals I have for my brands?
  • Are my products priced right vs. competition?
  • How can I use price most effectively to growth revenues, share, profits?
  • What is the right balance between price and trade investments?
  • How do I optimize my in-store promotion activity? What brands should I support more, when, and how? What types of promotions work best for my brands? How often should I promote? How much should I use quality merchandise (displays, features)?
  • How do I optimize pricing in channels? What is the right mix of EDLP and Hi-Lo?

What it is?

  • Price Foresight – Developing price strategy to support your brands positioning and future growth goals
  • Price/Promotion Optimization – Optimizing base price vs. trade spend, price in channels, type and frequency of price promotions, use of Feature and Display

What are benefits?

  • Use price as a strategic tool to support your overall brand strategy
  • Improve your brand profitability
  • Increase ROI on your trade dollars
  • Minimize or eliminate losses related to over-promoting and ineffective use of feature and display