Smarter Insight Function™

Smarter Insight Function™ helps clients run "smarter" insight functions by changing what they are producing and how.

Key questions

  • How can you do more with less?
  • Are you well positioned to adapt to internal demands and external influences?

What Is It?

The What

  • From disjointed insights to proactive growth and execution plans and strategies
  • From transactional insights to fundamental knowledge (e.g. category "law")
  • From low quality and activation insights to insights with implementation and impact (i3)

The How

  • Organizing insights around business issue frameworks (e.g. growth, innovation framework)
  • Developing new predictive analytics driven insight development process that is based on mapping and modeling all business issues with key factors impacting them
  • Maximum reuse, integration and synthesis of existing data and previous studies leveraging technology to automate insight generation processes

What are the benefits?

  • Maximize your activation rate, insight quality and value, and ROII while minimizing spend
  • Produce faster and actionable insights and foresights
  • Reposition your limited resources to focus on value add work
  • Prepare for future by building fundamental knowledge, new skill sets and new internal tools