Trade & Drivers Analytics

Predictive Trends Database

TrendCaster™ is a proprietary Trends and Drivers Analytics Platform. It enables us to analyze macro, market and consumer trends; identify relevant drivers of past and future growth, and quantify the impact of these drivers. TrendCaster™ includes three important components: Predictive Trends Database, Driver Selection Analytics and Driver Impact Analytics.

Predictive Trends Database is a proprietary database of 4,000+ macroeconomic, socioeconomic, demographic, health and consumer tends across 150+ markets; in addition we use numerous third-party sources for macroeconomic, demographic and consumer data.

Driver Selection Analytics is a structured process to analyze, identify and select the most relevant drivers of historic as well as future growth; the driver selection process is based on filtering a broad base of macro trends to those that are most pertinent for a particular product category over a specific time period. There are three levels of filtering: logical, statistical, and velocity.

Driver Impact Analytics is a method of quantifying how much each driver contributed to growth; driver Impact analytics can be done for the historical period as well as for the forecasted growth

  • Historic driver decomposition identifies past drivers and quantifies how much each driver contributed to historic growth
  • Forecast decomposition analyzes future drivers and shows likely contribution of each driver to forecasted growth