Trend4Sight™ Helps explain fundamental, category specific and emerging trends that influenced and will influence consumer, category and business in future.

Key questions

  • What are key trends that impacted consumers in the past? How will these trends change in future?
  • Will new trends emerge? If yes, which ones and when? How will marketing and/or product need to change based on emergence of new trends?
  • Which trends (existing and new) should we focus on?
  • How will existing and new trends impact consumer needs, behaviors, category and business?

What is it?

  • Trend4Sight™ is a robust analytical process to identify and quantify trends and predict their growth and impact on consumer, category and business

What are the benefits?

  • Help understand what drove and will drive the business
  • Be able to anticipate changes in consumers and markets and proactively adjust value proposition
  • Define what to focus on in growth, marketing and innovation areas