Global Growth Strategy For A Global Beverage Company


  • A Global beverage company was looking for significant increase in growth across 19 countries in next 5 years
  • It wanted to understand where the growth would come from, including new and existing product categories and consumer need states
  • The client also wanted to understand, once the growth strategy was defined, how the company should execute to optimally reach that growth


  • Leveraged a Foresight-based Growth Framework aiming to not only identify future growth opportunities but also develop an optimum execution model and provide sustainable support to ensure the growth is realized
  • Utilized best-in-class blended analytics driven consulting to assess trend-based driven 2013 growth of need states and categories in markets
  • Once need state/category/market growth strategy was identified, we helped develop client specific growth opportunities for various execution levers by country/category/brand
  • Analyzed key growth drivers and forecasted country-based category and need state 2013 growth
  • Prioritized key countries (need state x category) as primary source of 2013 growth
  • Recommended country-specific solutions to achieve and attain the growth


  • Developed optimized need state/category portfolio mix by market to achieve 2013 growth targets
  • Provided client specific brand-driven strategy to achieve the growth in defined need state and category mix
  • Recommended an optimum execution strategy including brand positioning and value proposition