Trend Aligned Optimum Growth Portfolio for a Global Snack Company


  • A global snack company's growth accelerated over the past three years, well ahead of the market - without making significant portfolio changes
  • However, it was keenly aware that the market environment is rapidly changing, driven by a multitude of consumer trends
  • To sustain growth, it will require a strategic shift in its portfolio that will best reflect the changing market


  • Leveraged a Foresight-based Growth Framework aiming to not only identify future growth opportunities but develop optimum execution model and provide sustainable support to ensure the growth is realized and optimized
  • Identified key market trends for various countries aligned with key client categories and segments
  • Utilizing trend-based category growth forecasts, defined key growing trends and aligned client's product portfolio with trend changes to maximize on growth potentials
  • Developed trend-based category growth forecasts for key categories and countries
  • Identified key trends impacting category growth for developing and developed counties
  • Recommended optimum product portfolio shift to align with key growth trends to maximize total growth potential


  • Determined that income growth and H&W attitudes are key growth drivers of client's categories, with developed markets are largely driven by H&W attitudes, while developing markets driven by income growth
  • Determined client's current portfolio was unattractive, over-invested in H&W categories in some markets and under-invested in others
  • Proposed shifting product portfolio to align with key growth trends