Stratesight and 4i Equation


Stratesight is a recommendation about how a business goal (W) should be most optimally achieved by a business levers (X) based on fundamental relationships between consumer factors (Z), market factors (Y) and business levers (X).

Example of Stratesight
Aging consumers while value conscious are less prone to economic fluctuations therefore targeting them should be oriented around consistent everyday value. This positioning will provide stable portfolio component making Company’s product portfolio more recession proof.

4i Equation and Insight Law

D = decision
I  –  insight
Y –  performance measure
X –  input factor (Consumer, Market, Business)

4i Insight Law… Insights based Decision Making
Decision (D) about how to maximize performance measure (Y) should be made by connecting Insights (I) developed based on fundamental relationships between input factors (X)  and performance measure (Y).